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About Us - Seattle Singles

There’s a reason that Seattle is a top destination for individuals starting a new life and for tourists seeking a world-class experience: Seattle is unlike anywhere else on the planet. However, with a rapidly expanding population and tourists that crowd city streets, how can you find the right person for you? While larger cities such as Seattle have literally millions of people around you, somehow dating seems harder than ever. From not knowing if you’re talking to a tourist at first, to online dating experiences where you seek out a beautiful woman or a handsome man, only to discover months later on that their photos aren’t exactly current, dating in Seattle is more challenging than ever. Dating in a large metropolis seems like it could be easier at first glance, but in actuality it is significantly harder than dating in small cities. Given that Seattle is now the fastest growing city in the United States, dating is only going to get more challenging too.

Our mission at Seattle Singles is to improve the lives for quality Seattle area single adults by providing a secure dating atmosphere featuring a dynamic array of services, passionately delivered by all team members.

If you’re tired of the usual difficulties of dating in a large city and you’re thinking of throwing in the towel, you need the personalized services of Seattle Dating. We know that by now you’ve probably tried online dating or maybe known someone who has, but thankfully, we’re nothing like those companies. We’re a hybrid dating service that was established from feedback from people like you. When people tried dating services and were displeased, we listened to their feedback and decided to build a company that was built solely around you.

About Us - Seattle SinglesInstead of building an online platform that took the difficulty of dating in a city like Seattle and multiplied it by 10,000, we decided to offer dating on a local level. After all, you choose to live in Seattle and have made it into a home for you, wouldn’t you prefer that your partner were from here as well? Chances are that you would have more things in common with a partner from Seattle, and it helps to eliminate difficult long-distance relationships.  With us, that’s exactly what you get: local dating with personal service. So when you’re ready to finally make conventional dating troubles a thing of the past, call or visit us today for a dating experience that is second to none.