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Take a Date On a Global Excursion – Singles Events Seattle

Local Single and Travel Event DatingThere’s a reason that we focus on dating in Seattle: it’s an exceptional city with amazing people. Even with all the charm and numerous activities to do, we completely understand that maybe you just need to get away. If you work at Amazon, you may already spend every day in the city; if so, you’ve probably been to numerous attractions and the thought of returning to the Space Needle for a date doesn’t excite you. We hear you. That’s why we developed one of a kind dating excursions to help keep the romance alive and to give our members a much-deserved vacation.

Custom excursions from Seattle Singles encompass a wide range of activities, so no matter what you’re seeking, we have something that is sure to delight you. We are constantly arranging new trips for our members, so regardless of the time you join it’s the right time to go out on an excursion. We offer:

  • Vacations on sun soaked shores of exotic locations
  • Cruises that offer romance and spectacular views
  • Excursions to casinos
  • Outdoor experiences that refresh the body and soul
  • And more!

Local Single and Travel Event DatingSo dust off your old hiking boots and step out of Crown Hill for a day, or even a week. Come with us as we arrange events with the best eligible singles in all of Seattle. From excursions outdoors like the hike up Mt. Si, to vacationing on the sun-kissed shores of Mexico, you’re going to be enthralled. Instead of taking that trip alone or just with friends, now you can take it with singles just like you who are looking for a good time. There’s no better way to interact with a date than on a vacation. It’s low stress, yet intimate, and offers you the chance to get close and find out more about them without getting nervous.