Being Single in Seattle

Local DatingSeattle is a top destination in the United States for work, love, outdoor adventures, and breath-taking scenery. Is it any wonder that Seattle has seen continued growth and that major companies continue to hire here on a regular basis? From the iconic and beloved Pike Place Market, to attractions that simply don’t exist anywhere else on the planet, such as the Space Needle and the Experience Project Museum, Seattle is a top destination for moving and vacationing for a reason. Plus, woman are now flocking to Seattle for the available men that Amazon and Microsoft bring in as new employees. With single, available men with excellent careers along with some of the most intelligent, artistic, and tech-savvy women on the planet coming here, is it any wonder that people in Seattle only want to date in Seattle?

Seattle Singles

Random online sites are just not the best way to go about meeting those vibrant mature singles local to the Seattle region. You need an attentive dating service, one who understands your need to find someone special in your area with the same goals and dreams in mind. Seattle Singles is just the place to start! We know the best places to eat and perhaps see a play.  Looking for the best eatery for Italian food on a Thursday night? We got it. Want to see the Sonics play? We can get you tickets.

We are intimately familiar with the local dating scene and trends. We know what works and what doesn’t work. The restaurants, gaming events, and shows we recommend are the same ones we go to as well. Consider us a part of your extended family. We know this city well and we can help you to maximize your dating while you live here. With Seattle being a major destination for individuals seeking an ideal life, we want you to remain here and to find someone who shares in your love for this area. There’s no need to look internationally for your perfect partner. Chances are they’re just a few streets over, and we’re going to help you find them.

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